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Wordpress/Joomla Event Calendar Plugins


At MotorsportReg.com, we are big fans of open source.

To share some love, we've developed plugins for Wordpress and Joomla to query, cache and display driving and social event listings on any Wordpress or Joomla site. Customers on our Premium plan are entitled to embed their event listings inside their own website, tailor the fields and look and feel simply by installing our plugin. You can find our open source projects and free code on Github.

Who Is This For?

Wordpress: This is for any organization using Wordpress 2.8.5 or newer to run a site or blog. It will require the ability to upload files to your /wp-content/plugins folder and activate the plugin in your Wordpress Admin. No programming skills required.

Joomla: This is for any organization using Joomla 1.5, 2.5 or 3 to run a site or blog. It requires the ability upload and activate a component. No programming skills required.

Getting Started - Wordpress

Begin by downloading the plugin and extracting the files into a folder on your Wordpress server where you store your other plugins like wp-content/plugins/msr-calendar. In newer versions of Wordpress, you can upload it directly into the administrative interface under the "Plugins" menu.

msr-calendar-current.zip (works with Wordpress 2.8.5 or newer)

Enable the plugin in the Wordpress admin and you will have a new menu item for MSR Calendar. The settings page looks like:

Administrative interface screen shot

You need only one bit of information to use the plugin, the URL to retrieve event listings from our REST API. The URL looks like:


You can obtain your ID from our customer support if you can't find it. Simply paste that URL into the admininistrative menu and your calendar is configured. You can optionally adjust the other settings such as which columns in the table to display. Otherwise, you can embed the calendar in any post or page on your Wordpress site by using the shortcode:


You can also customize the settings per-instance (for example, if you wanted to have discipline-specific pages):

[msr_calendar url="https://api.motorsportreg.com/rest/calendars/organization/{organization-id}?types={eventtype_id},{eventtype_id},{eventtype_id}"
				title="My Second Calendar"

Alternatively, you can use the msr_calendar() PHP function in any theme template or PHP file inside of <?php ... ?> tags. The default styling looks like:

Sample display of event calendar

Getting Started - Joomla

The Joomla process is similar to Wordpress. Begin by downloading the plugin and use the administrative "Components" menu to upload and activate the plugin.

To add the event calendar to your site, edit your menu and create a new link. You will see a new "MotorsportReg Calendar" option to link to which will be your list of events.


For styling, check the calendar/widget.css file. Key CSS classes include:

.msrcalendar h2
The header which displays the calendar title from the settings
.msrcalendar table thead th
Column headers in the table
.msrcalendar table tbody td
Calendar text for name, location, dates, etc.

Licensing & Attribution

Use of our Wordpress/Joomla plugins have only one requirement: that you leave the footer link back to MotorsportReg.com unedited. Thanks and enjoy!